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      I am using After Effects CC through Creative Cloud version (2017.0 release)


      While working on any project , the whole PC is getting freeze and I am enforced to hard press the power button for shutdown.

      This is happening randomly but very frequently.


      The following are my system configurations , I bought this system just 1 month back.


      Interl(R)  Core (TM) i5-6402P CPU @ 2.8Ghz

      Mother Board : ASUS B150 M PRO Gaming

      16 GB RAM  - Kingston hyperx-ddr4 //66T0084E)

      CORSAIR SMPS 0450w (VS450)

      Samsung SSD 750 EVO - 120 GB

      64 Bit operating System - Windows 10 pro

      Graphic Card - ZOTAC GEFORCE GTX TM 750 Ti 2GB  128 bit DDR5


      Kindly help me solve this issue , I am totally depressed as I have committed to complete a post production job which is pending.


      Please help.