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    very long Lightroom "starting"

    Jacek Poplawski Level 1



      When I start Lightroom - it opens, but I don't see any photos in folder, it is in some strange state, when I open process manager I don't see Lightroom consuming CPU, but it takes several minutes before I could see any photos


      What exactly it does any why?


      I use Lightroom CC, I have multiple folders in my current Catalog, but total size is just about 41000 photos

      I remembed I had 100000 in my catalog few years ago, and now I have stronger computer with SSD

      So what's going on? How to fix it?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          One possibility is if your images  are on a hard drive that goes to sleep and then takes a long time to power up when accessed. If that isn't it then you might try turning off GPU acceleration in your Lightroom preferences. How much free  disk space do you have? How much RAM? What operating system?

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            Jacek Poplawski Level 1

            Thanks for reply Jim,


            I turned off GPU acceleration as first thing, I have 170GB free disk space and 16GB RAM and Windows 10 but I think you may be right - my catalog and photos are on encrypted Truecrypt drive. It may explain why this may be slow, but it won't explain what it does during startup. It is not sleep/powerup because I used this disk before turned on LR. Do you have any tips what to check? The only idea I have is to create new catalog, but I would like to understand the problem.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You could try creating a new catalog. But I question whether you would see much difference. One thing you could try would be to COPY your catalog file  to your SSD drive  and double click on it in its new location to see if that helps your performance. The catalog  can be on any drive connected to your computer. And accessing the catalog from a different drive isn't going to cause any problems.

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