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    Desktop Lightroom 6.7 - Sort by "Capture Date" bug


      I downloaded and installed Lightroom 6.7 on a new Windows 10 laptop this week, moved all photos from two different machines to a single RAID 1 network attached storage drive, and imported all my previous Lightroom catalogs into a single new catalog file (created by LR6.7 this week).


      In looking at the photo Library in Grid View, sorted by Capture Time, a number of photos are not in order. A bunch of photos with capture dates (from Metadata / Edit Capture Time...) in the late 1800s are shown AFTER a bunch with a capture dates in 2005, but many other photos with Capture Dates in this century appear after the 1800s ones. Go figure.


      I have tried:- reversing the sort order (the photos reverse nicely, but the same capture time sort order error occurs)

      - sorting by file name, then sorting by Capture Time (returns to 1872 being "after" 2005)
      - optimizing the catalog


      The only thing that seems to work is:

      - using Metadata / Edit Capture Time... to "change" the Capture Time (without touching the date or time), then changing the sort order twice ( from A=>Z, to Z=>A, and back). This does seem to fix the sort order for the photos with "changed" Capture Times.


      However I now do not trust the Sort By Capture time setting, and don't dare change capture times for groups of photos that span multiple dates for fear of setting them all to the same date.


      Any help that can be provided will be appreciated.