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    Digital edition authorization and duplicates


      I have an old XP computer I use only for reading and a bit of video. I've had DE for a few years and a DE authorization account. Last night, I tried to check out books from my library's Overdrive section and I received an error telling me it couldn't reach the right server. I submitted a ticket there and they told me to try re-authorizing.


      When I tried to do that, the authorization said I was authorized without account and it was now demanding an account. I entered my existing account but it died. It's attached to the same email as my support account, so I tried that too. Neither worked. I tried to create a new account and the system said I couldn't create an account because the email was registered to a different computer.


      You are familiar with the concept of households having more than one computer, right? If not, it's real, not just a rumor.


      How do I get my old authorization working or create a new one, using the same account I use for all of my technical work? I really don't want to have to move to a Kindle edition, but if you force me to I will.