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    Where to Place Preview/Exports & Media Cache

    jaydub2222 Level 1

      I'm building a new PC for video editing and I am considering this arrangement for storage:

      Samsung 960 PRO NVME M.2 512GB:  O/S and Programs

      Samsung 850 PRO SATA 2TB:  Data, Media/Projects

      Western Digital Red Pro 7200 HDD 8TB: Mass Storage and Previews/Exports

      Western Digital Red Pro 7200 HDD 8TB: Backup and Media Cache


      Or would I be better off with Previews/Exports and Media Cache placed on the 850 PRO along with Media/Projects?


      During the Golden Days of HDD's, we usually split these off onto separate drives.  But with SSD's, I'm not so sure.   Can the SSD really handle all those tasks better?


      Remaining components are 32GB RAM, I7-7700K CPU, Z270 Motherboard, GTX-1080 GPU, Enermax 750 Platinum PSU.