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    2 questions about storage on a mobile device.....




      I'm a (former?) Apple Aperture user who just bought Lightroom (v6 - not the CC version) a week ago after never using it before - AND my son just gave me his old cell phone (never had a cell phone either) to use like a mini iPad in WiFi zones. I thought one of the uses for the phone could be to hold pictures, so I've started syncing some photos from LR to the phone, and I've come across 2 things I'm not sure about:


      1) I've moved over about 500 photos (just moving whole folders at a time) - but I really only want to keep about 100 of them on the phone. If I go through and delete the ones I don't want on the phone (but still want to keep on the computer), will that work - or the next time I sync the phone will it either put the photos back on the phone again, or remove them from the computer because now it thinks I want them deleted?


      2) When I look at the LR app on the phone it says that I have 25 days remaining in my trial. What would that trial be? I haven't signed up for anything, and I'm not using the CC version - so I thought the photos were syncing to the phone because I get 2 GB's of cloud storage for free as part of owning the application. Is that not the case?

      I just want to be sure that (assuming I can get the photos how I want them on the phone via #1 above), that 25 days from now all the phots are just going to disappear off the phone - especially since I'm not planning on subscribing to CC anytime soon.


      Thanks in advance for any help with the above questions.....