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    Stock $112 cancellation fee?!


      I signed up for Adobe Stock to get some images in a pinch. I forgot to cancel and finally got around to it tonight. I am clicking through sites quickly trying to pay my bills, saw an offer to keep Stock for 60 days but was not interested. I did not realize until after canceling this product that I will be charged $112?! For canceling a product that I have been billed for monthly?!?!


      Very upset by this, it is my fault for not reading more closely but what was prominent was the offer attempting to keep me there, NOT this enormous fee. I do not have an extra $112 laying around. Is it possible to undo this?


      There should be some sort of VERY noticeable warning about this fee with a checkbox acknowledging that you agree to pay it. Shame on you, Adobe.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is an open forum, not Adobe support... click below to contact Adobe staff to help

          While the forums are open 24/7 you may not contact Adobe support at all times

          Chat help: Mon - Fri  5am - 7pm  (US Pacific Time) <=== NOTE DAYS AND TIME

          Be sure to remain signed in with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

          Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)


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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It is in the agreement you accepted when you signed up.  That is your first chance to take notice... but who reads contracts, right!


            I believe there is some notification when you try to cancel as well, but you did not take notice of it.  A lot of people who share part of your complaint do so after seeing this notification, but before they cancel.  You'll find their stories here in these forums.


            In any case, the forum is not the place to plea for relief.  Try contacting Adobe Customer Support.  For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat or phone option...

            Make sure you are logged in to the Adobe site, have cookies enabled, clear your cookie cache.  If it fails to connect try using a different browser.


            Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

            http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/service-ccm.html ( http://adobe.ly/19llvMN )

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              benjaminm90517314 Level 1

              Thanks for the link. I tried to find support but everything seemed to point to either FAQs or this forum. Quite upset with Adobe right now.


              I'm a busy developer and I needed some stock photos to complete a project. I have purchased stock images through several other sources and have never run into anything like this before. What on earth is the reason for charging such a huge fee to cancel a service that you are paying monthly for? I would understand it if I had signed a one year contract (guess I did) and paid in full for unlimited images, but this is month to month with only ten free images!


              Once again, there was some mention of the $112 fee on the second page after clicking the "Cancel" button but it was not terribly obvious with the mess of other content on the screen. I saw it as the next page was loading, which in turn said that I had been charged.


              If it were made obvious that I would be charged this fee upon canceling a service that I will not need on a weekly or even monthly basis, I would have never signed up for it! Very nasty trick to play on your customers. And yes, I realize that this is not support, I will contact them next. Just need to vent.



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                benjaminm90517314 Level 1



                You say that that Chat has hours, the page that you linked me to says 24/7. Which is it?


                I attempted the Chat but it's not the best interface, no estimated wait time and the page seems to be refreshing via Ajax with a spinner that pops up from time to time. Further, I do not see any of the typical characteristics - such as a text input:


                screenshot-helpx.adobe.com 2016-12-03 20-03-36.png


                Frustration level has reached 11, time to call it quits and try to call them about this.