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    Lost Administrator Status

    MichelNadeauVancouver Level 1

      After about 3 or 4 years not doing any edit on a website with Adobe Contribute 6.5 the site no longer has an administrator which is used to be me.


      When I try to set myself as the administrator I get the following questions:  Index filename:  I enter the name of the site as is http:www.nameofsite.ca/index.html and I get the error message that the its not a valid index file name and if I want to use it as a guard page finename anyway?  When I click yes, I get a message that Contribute was unable to find a guard page/


      1. What is the Index File name should be?


      2. And how do I figure out my guard filename?


      3. Are there any Technical Support offer by Adobe on this software?

      4. Lastly if all above failed, whats the next best way to edit this site on another free software?



      Vancouver BC