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    Urgent help with If statement please!

      HI Everyone

      Was wondering if anyone can tell me why flash seems to be ignoring my If Statements, every time I try to use one it ignores the condition and just actions the command. Its driving me crazy. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong I just can't work it out.

      I've put;

      on (release) {

      if ((_root.eyeshadow = "Pink") && (_root.lipy = "Pink")) {
      _root.correct._alpha =100;

      It seems to just action the _root.correct._alpha = 100;
      even when a different colour is selected.
      I was wondering can flash read a variable from another script, because if not it will not know what eyeshadow and lipy are. I dont get any error messages though.

      Please help somebody!
      Thank you,