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    newbie question on detection

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      I'm just getting started integrating Flash with Dreamweaver, new to both, and I'm not even sure how to pose this question. I've read all of the flash and dreamweaver forum messages. I'm a bit embarrassed to learn that my question is so basic that no one else has had to ask it.

      I have MM Stusio 8.

      I just finished an html page with a small .swf file on it. I published it as "flash only" and attached it to my finished page.

      The page is Here.

      Unfortunately, using flash detection was an afterthought on my part.

      I read about Flash 8's built in detection from the Adobe site. It says to publish the fla with an html page and check the detection checkbox. (That was painless enough.)

      My question is, do I have to republish the .fla and start all over againin DW? If so, what do I do with html page once it's in DW ? (ie, do I have to redo the finished page starting with the HTML file published from flash?)

      If I can keep the original page, is it difficult to add the detection without messing up the code? (I tried pasting the code from the head and body tagsas directed. But when I previewed it in my browser, I ended up with a large, empty, white box added to the page.)

      Can someone please help, direct me to a simple tutorial or an explanation on how this plugin works once it's inside DW?


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          Hi Sophia,

          I just read your reply on an other thread and I even (of because of that) as I didn't reall understand it, I checked of what question you could possibli talk, and here I am ;-)

          You don't have to republish!

          I'll take a closer look and come back to you.

          Not only me but also some of the deities around here would recomend FlashObject over the macromedia/adobe version of detection:


          Your link makes me thinkk that you can understand the instructions ther, but on the other hand I'm oftern astonishe how much others accomplish without looking "under the hood" - so if you need further help just ask, and before inocent keyboards have to suffer mail me (markusmathieu[at]mac_DOT_com)

          BTW: Your question is totally valid and you seem to be a lot better informed tha a lot of others posters. It just happens sometimes taht a question "slips" trough after all it is just a volunteer forum.

          "Save your keyboard - if not I heve a spare one (actually more than one)"
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            I had given up on this question. I just assumed there wasn't another way because no one answered me. Don't give me too much credit; I'm not well informed. I spend so much time googling up definitions for terms, I feel like a foriegner with a Greek-English dictionary trying not to order the lamb head soup!
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              I understand how you feel, I used too be a vegetrian too ;-)

              I do adore your patience though. It is a virtue I'm slow to learn.

              Shall I try to expalain the basics of Flash detection or are you happy with the link I provided with my last edit?