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    Lightroom CC crashes




      I am running Lightrrom CC but it is continously crashing (for example by trying selecting all thumbnails, when importing from a SD Card, by a lot of editing operations no matter what it is). I did a lot of research on the internet but nothing helped yet. Hope someone might have a hint what else I can try:



      Operating system:     Windows 10 64 bit

      Processor:                 Intel i7-6700

      Graphik Card:            Intel HD Graphics 530

                                         NVDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (Driver 368.81)


      What I already tried:    


           un-tick "Use Graphics Processor"

           Disable "Show splash screen during startup"

           Rename Preference File and restart

           check catalogue for consistency

           Re-install NVIDIA 368.81 driver

           Deactivate Intel HD Graphics 530



      Anything else I can do? Any further information needed for one of you tech guys to give me advice? Your help is very much appreciated, thank you