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    calculating checkboxes


      I need assistance with calculating check boxes in an adobe fillable form


      I have a table that needs the check boxes counted and then multiplying them by the number at the top. 

      I need a formula to calculate step 1 and step 2 in one script.


      Column 1 is labeled LC1.1, LC1.2, LC1.3, LC1.4, LC1.5, etc.

      Column 2 is labeled LC2.1, LC2.2, LC2.3, LC2.4, etc.



      (step 1) Add total # of X's in each column1223
      (step 2) Multiply the column total by the # at the top1469
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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How many check boxes in a row can be checked?


          What are the names of field in row 1?


          Check boxes with the same name but different export values for each check box form an exclusionary group and allow only one check box in the row to be checked.

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            m3lir Level 1

            So in one row there are 4 boxes and they will check between 1, 2, 3, or 4. 

            (9 questions = 9 rows) with (4 pt rating scale = 4 columns)


            So lets say that in

            Row 1 they checked column(box) 1  (which has 4 boxes to choose from but only one can be checked)

            Row 2 they checked column(box) 2  (same goes for each row)

            Row 3 they checked column(box) 2


            Once all 9 questions have been answered I need the the all the checked boxes to provide a calcuattion


            For instance:

            (1) a total of all the checked boxes in column 2 (for example 2 boxes were checked), then

            (2) multiply the total of checked boxes by 2 (should be be a TOTAL of 4)

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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I would have named the 4 check boxes in row 1 with the same name and different export values. You are more then welcome to work out using custom JavaScript to make the check boxes in one row exclusionary. This simplifies a lot things including the summing of the check boxes in each column.