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    Lightroom appears to change every photo when I save metadata

    Stefnocrat Level 1

      Hi all, would be most appreciative of any help the community can provide.


      My setup is as follows:


      1. 40,000 photos stored on an SSD locally attached to my MAC - this is my primary database where I do all my editing using Lightroom 6

      2. Synology Cloudstation Drive is used to sync these photos to a two bay Synology NAS (running the latest DSM software)

      3. The NAS is configured with full redundancy using the Synology proprietary method

      4. All the photos are then sync'd to Amazon Cloud Drive and Onedrive


      The issue I am having is that whenever I update metadata in a small number of the photos on the SSD, as soon as I commit the metadata to file, Cloudstation Drive concludes that every single photo has been changed and commences syncing every single file to the NAS which in turns goes nuts because it has to keep the two drives in sync and it has to sync back to the two cloud providers.  The real issue is that Cloudstation Drive appears to do everything 3 times - it reports back that 120,000 updates were sync'd.


      I have to add that Lightroom appears to be changing every single photo as it takes a very long time to save the metadata, a lot longer than one would expect for changes made to only a couple of hundred images at a time. Probably not a Synology issue then - I have certainly looked at every single option in both programmes.