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    "Activation server error" when opening a book with authorized computer



      My computer (PC) has been authorized for my ID for years and has worked just fine. I had ADE 4.5 but then had to download 3.0 and uninstall 4.5 as my Kobo device would not allow me to open any books even though it has been successfully authorized with the same Adobe ID. Well, now the situation is that Kobo still does not work, same error message keeps popping up ("Oops" this document couldn't be opened. This document is protected by Adobe DRM and is not currently authorized with your Adobe ID"), but in addition to that my PC cannot open the books anymore either. An error message says "Activation Server Error, code: E_ADEPT_INTERNAL". When I tried to return the book to the library I borrowed it from, there is another error message saying that I first need to authorize my computer before I can return the item. What can I do? Seems like everything's getting from bad to worse, when I try to fix one problem, a new one appears and the original problem is still unsolved as well...