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    Error Compiling Movie. Disk Full.


      I am am a new user of this program, so my hope is that this problem is a straightforward fix. Unfortunately I haven't found the fix yet.


      I have set all of my scratch disk preferences to an external hard drive. I have saved my project on the external hard drive. I have emptied my cache folders. I had this same problem with the last video I edited--which was 20 minutes long and had a number of different types of media elements in it. Eventually, because that project was for a client with a deadline, I bailed and did a more basic edit in MS Moviemaker.


      However, this current video project is very straightforward. Only 2 .mov files and out of the box transitions. Around 5 minutes long. It's the first video I have tried to compile after the one that hung up though. So I have a feeling there is some memory suck thing going on that is "leftover" from my last project. I just don't know where to look and delete. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




      (Updated 12/4) I just finished uninstalling and reinstalling the program (Premiere Elements 15) and I created a new project with one very small .mov video in it, no titles or transitions, and tried to compile. I received the same error. Error Compiling Movie. Disk Full.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What happens if you disconnect the external drive, leave your scratch disc set Same As Project, save your project file to your C drive and then see if you can output an ISO image file to an empty directory folder on your C drive rather than burning directly to a disc. This will eliminate a number of variables and help you troubleshoot your issues.


          You haven't said anything about your computer specs or operating system, but I'm assuming you have an adequately powered computer with plenty of RAM and a 60+ gigs of free, clean, defragmented space on your C drive.


          We also may need to consider the camcorder your video came from and how accurately you set your project to match your video specs -- but let's take it one step at a time.

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            ellieb35882073 Level 1

            Hi, thanks for your help.

            Specs: 785 gigs free on C, Windows 10, 8 gig of RAM

            I was able to output the ISO file. What do you recommend next?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              That would indicate that your bottleneck is apparently with that external drive, of course.


              In any event, you can use a program like ImgBurn to output that ISO as a DVD or you can burn directly from the project to a DVD. Just keep the project files off that external.


              In fact, with all that space on your C drive, why not just store all of your project and media files on your C drive? Or, if you've got a desktop computer, drop a second hard drive in for your media files.

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                ellieb35882073 Level 1

                In the past, I had been storing everything on my C drive. And the program was compiling okay until I got almost to the end of a complex project--when this started.


                The whole reason I moved to storage on the external drive was because it wouldn't compile on my C drive, and I was trying to troubleshoot.


                Even with all project, scratch, and media files on my C, it won't compile to MP4--which is the format I need it in. And it doesn't take too long at all to give me that error--like it's hanging on something almost immediately.


                Have any other ideas?

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  With your specs, no. Assuming you've got Quicktime 7 installed (or at least its components).