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    Images do not remain constant size in fixed width.

    brushwipe Level 1

      I could use some help with this. I have uploaded the site http://newsite401.businesscatalyst.com

      My problem is the placing of chili images on the Menu page.

      Because I could not find a way of creating a chili shape font icon I have pasted SVG images on a line of text.

      First I created the chili in Illustrator then saved it as an SVG and put it into my CC library.


      On the Muse page, I copied the chili image onto the page, resized it, then copied and pasted it alongside the description of the meal.


      I have built this site using 5 fixed breakpoints 320 - 960. I started at the smallest size and worked through the mobile formats until 761 and changed to desktop format.  For some unknown reason after 760 the chili images changed their size despite all breakpoints being set at fixed width.


      I can upload a copy of the Muse file with Hightail to an email address should anyone care to help me.