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    changing color(s) over time with a multi-color imported image

    miktoxic Level 1

      hello all!


      have a nagging question that maybe one of you pros could answer.


      i learn by doing exercises trying to implement new effects i know nothing about. i do know how to change the color of one item in an object or image from keyframe to keyframe but what if there are multiple things in that object i want to change independently with different colors.


      here's my project: i have a royalty free .eps image that i've resized in illy. it is an image of symmetrical lines done in greyscale. some are white some are light grey and some are dark grey. i want to be able to (in AE) change the white lines over time to orange and the light grey to pink etc. how is this possible.


      my initial thoughts are that i need to import the different colored lines from the ONE file as separate files. then apply the effect. ok, but how is that accomplished? if the lines are already on a black bkgd then i wouldn't have to worry about keying out the bkgd color? do i make the newly imported files separate layers on a single composition and apply effects directly to those layers?


      i'm sure i could hack through this and prob get it done but it'd be nice to know that i'm doing it correctly or that there isn't the one thing that could make this easy as you know what. only saying because there are ten such multi-colored line images that i have to do this to. then how to compile within a composition without having a hundred layers?


      any help would be greatly appreciated!! thanks in advance and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


      -tim p.