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    Auto-size: Grow text frame width with max-width set?

    mickyhulse Level 1



      My setup:


      I am using a text frame auto-size for a photo caption.


      The photos and captions are created via a data merge.


      The caption is anchored to the bottom of the page so it grows vertically upwards depending on length of caption text.


      Some captions are a few words long, while other captions are multiple lines long.


      The caption text frame, currently, is set to a defined width; when the caption text meets that width, it wraps, and the text frame grows upwards.


      My desired goal:


      I would like to have a text frame that grows, width-wise, with the first line of the caption; if/when the caption text is long enough to wrap, I would like the text box to stop growing and allow for the text to wrap. Essentially, I would like all of the features I have specified from above, but I would like the text frame to shrink-wrap the text until it meets a specified maximum width, and then have it grow vertically from bottom (with text wrap, depending on text length).


      My questions:


      From what I can tell, I don't think what I want is possible without some sort of manual intervention. I would like to avoid doing manual work as there are many pages.


      With that said, am I overlooking a feature?


      If this functionality is not "built in", can anyone recommend a plugin or script that could help me accomplish this goal?


      Thanks so much for reading my question.