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    Lightroom cc (2105) will not open.


      i have a Mac Book Pro retina (2014) with boot camp and Sierra. My desktop is a PC. Both are running CC LR and PS. I use the laptop only when traveling.


      On a trip I deleted an old folder and lrcat file. LR cc would not open the default catalog. Welllllll  I tried reloading LR, signing in and out of Creative Cloud. Restarts etc.


      At this point LR does nothing when I click on creative cloud or the start menu, nothing.  Photoshop and bridge still work, always have.


      What next?

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          sjordan93436 Level 1

          Further news, I could get LR 5 to work, no problems, just no LR CC. Photoshop CC all versions work.



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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            On the mac book pro, step by step, what are you doing?

            What is the exact wording of the error message.

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              sjordan93436 Level 1

              I am on the widows side.  Boot camp 6. Windows 10 (ugh).


              I downloaded creative cloud. I signed in. I clicked the box next to Lightroom cc.


              I waited for it to download.  When cliCa on the icon in CC or on the start menu, I get zero response. No error message.


              I have signed out. And signed back in. Not help. I have downloaded LR 5, same method, it works. PS CC (all versions) work.

              Sorry, I a little terse back there...


              It started with a working LR CC, no problems, Happy guy. Then I did not use the laptop for LR and PS for a while. I was going on a trip and need my space, so I deleted a bunch of images that were duplicated on my desktop. I also deleted the LR cat file. I open LR (clicking on the creative Cloud) it said the it could not open my vacation.lrcat file. So I tried another catalog. I then tried to open the default. After several attempts, LR would not open at all.


              I will try the new version that just cam out and will report it THAT solved it. (I hate to sound like a newbie, but I have been using LR since before LR. I forgot the name that had this program that Adobe bought and gave us free Lightroom. I have 30,000+ images on my desktop main catalog.)

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                sjordan93436 Level 1

                Solved!  Yeah team. When I install the latest version of LR, it now works.