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    Issues Importing to Lightroom CC


      Every time I go to import I can view the images but when I start the import nothing imports and lightroom freezes.  Has anyone else had this issue?

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          akn224 Level 1

          Yes! I will take photos and only some of them will be viewable in the Import module- the others will say "Preview unavailable for this file".


          The weird thing is that it will change. I will close out of Lightroom and reopen it and when I try to import photos there will be different ones that are viewable and ones that aren't. Whether I click on a photo that I can view or not doesn't matter, most of the times it won't import and the import dialog box will freeze. I have multiple cameras and it doesn't matter which camera I am using either.


          Typically I have to try multiple times- most of the time dozens of times over an hour or longer- of trying to import photos, import freezes, close out of lightroom and try again. Eventually, it usually works.


          What a terribly annoying, hassle, infuriating problem. I feel like I have looked everywhere on different forums and haven't found an answer that works. I talked to someone from Adobe support and they didn't do anything.


          I'm so angry- it makes me reluctant to take photos because it is such a terrible headache to actually try to use my photos.

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            akn224 Level 1

            Also, have been using Lightroom for a long time. I had Lightroom 3, then 4, then 5 and now CC. I have never had any issues like this in any version until just recently.


            I hate to switch programs because Lightroom is what I'm familiar with, but this is so frustrating it has me wanting to switch to a different editing program.

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              akn224 Level 1

              It seems to be getting worse, not better.