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    distorted jpg

    mentlity Level 1
      I have been using Flash since version 3, I now use MX and I real simple question. Go to this site http://ralphiedee.com/homev3.swf you will see a logo that is originally a jpg, and made into a symbol. As you can see it is blurry, the original jpg was made in Illustrator, then converted to a jpg in Photoshop and imported into Flash MX. Any help in smoothing this out?
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          ralphiedee, I am not sure but maybe you are publishing a jpg at a low percentage. If you are using MX 2004, look in the Publish Settings and make sure you publish a 100% quality jpg.
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            albee Level 1
            Have you scaled the image in Flash at all? You will get better results if you don't scale the image. By the way, your logo is graphically simply, with no bitmap images, so you could try two other things:

            1. Export it as a GIF, place in Flash and DON'T SCALE.
            2. Export it as an Illustrator 8 (or earlier) EPS and import the EPS directly into Flash. Now you can edit the vector art directly in Flash. This method usually yields the best results, in my experience.

            Good luck,