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    I can't see my master pages on pages palette indesign


      I have just started a new job. I am working on a surface pro and there has been some issues with InDesign CC2015.3 release


      The first and most annoying one is:

      1. I can't see my master pages on pages palette indesign - I think they are there because I can see them if I convert to horizontal viewing but no matter how wide I make the pallete they do not view. Horizontal viewing is not an option with multipage documents. I have tried a lot of combinations on the panel options but none seem to work. This is an issue on new and inherited documents.

      2. In one of the working files that I inherited the pages on the pages palette are all on the far right hand side, again very annoying as you need to pull it out a fair way to see the spreads. This is not an issue on new documents that I create.

      3. There is no scroll bar on the palettes. This is most annoying when it comes to the pages and the paragraphs styles. This is an issue on new and inherited documents.4. Also there is no delete or duplicate buttons on the style or colour/swatches palettes

      5. Lastly this is not an InDesign issue it is a CC issue on the CC APP there is only Home Assets STock and Community tabs no APPS tab - due to this I have no idea if and when new updates are available.


      The surface pro is newly installed with Adobe Products and Ideally I am hoping there is a quick fix for this rather than uninstalling and reinstalling each program.


      So any advice you can give me so I can give my IT department would be great.


      Many thanks