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    Adobe Indesign Packaging

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      I'm not sure if this is specific to Indesign but the example I have relates to it.


      I administer the server infrastructure for a company that has a in house marketing team. They heavily use products such as Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator through CC. When they create Indesign files, content will be inserted from various locations. This may be content stored on the local computer or multiple mapped network  drives. Then once they finish a package is created which gets all of the content from various locations and stores it in a single folder. This folder is then stored back on the server. This is done so that if the original content files are deleted, moved, or renamed, the Indesign file can still open.


      From an IT perspective, the issue is it creates lots of duplicate files on the server. The originals typically remain, but then copies get created when the Indesign files are packaged. I know there are server side technologies that can help out with this, like data deduplication in Server 2012, but my question is, does Adobe have a solution to this? Is there any software that creates a 'library' of sorts where a central repository gets created and all the content can be stored in there? Then instead of packaging files, packages can be created adhoc 1,2,3 years later because the marketing team would be assured that all the files to create the package would be available.




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Short answer-no. This type of thing can be minimized with strict workflow standards but someone has to put them into effect and hold people responsible for sticking to them.

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            Hi peter not sure if it can be done this way but you could check the Scripts part of this forum and see if they know of a way to code it.  Or maybe there is a plugin or other script that they know about that could help. 

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              Hi Bob,

              Thanks for the info. It sounds like a product that could be really handy, especially in larger organisations.


              Hi cbishop01,

              Thanks, I'll see what I can find on the scripts forum.




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                George_Salnik Adobe Community Professional

                cojaxx8 написал(а):

                like data deduplication in Server 2012

                You need to store old publications in some BackUp place with resistant to damage RAID.

                Deduplication feature have it some backup soft, such as Acronis -



                And not store all packages, store only last package. Why you need all old "raw" data? This is a work of your employees to prepare for you last package and delete all old-unnecessary folders/files.

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                  The problem is content gets reused across multiple InDesign files, so it wouldn't make sense to delete the "raw" data.


                  Ideally there need to be some sort of central repository where raw files can get stored. Then some sort of protection mechanism whereby if a raw file tried to get deleted, a message pop up that says "This file is referenced in the following other InDesign files, are you sure you want to delete" gets displayed.


                  Anyway it looks like i'm after a solution that is no out there atm. 

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                    George_Salnik Adobe Community Professional

                    You want a spherical horse in vacuum. If you think that saving on hard drives more important than data of publications - you choose a wrong way. Reread my last post about Acronis.