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    adobe digital editions not recognized in win 7



      I've tried downloading and installing different versions of adobe digital editions (namely 2, 3 and 4). None are recognized in win 7 pro. If I attempt to point to it for my acsm files in default programs, it is not visible. Even if I browse to the .exe file and select it, there is no way to make it adopt this program as the default. Upon downloading from the local library in toronto, the book doesn't have the option to select Adobe digital editions to open it. Yes, I have tried to unauthorize/reauthorize the pc. To no avail. This program is not recognized whether installed in programs files or program files (86) or in a separate folder in either mentioned locations.

      I also tried to download the different versions from different browsers including chrome, IE, firefox. No difference. This program is INVISIBLE.

      There is something very unusual about this program that keeps it hidden and unaccessible as a default program for my downloaded acsm. This used to work with version 2.0 until I decided to update it... VERY sad mistake. Now I've spent hours trying to get this to work. System recovery didn't work either.

      Please help. I have no access to my library books now. :-(


      It shouldn't be this complicated to open an acsm in a reader, really.





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