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    Is Presenter an alternative software for IMC Lecturnity?


      Hi Team


      our elearning company has a client who is using Lecturnity. Unfortunately there is no support any more so I am looking for another software with the same features.


      The client is using a notebook with Win 10 and PowerPoint, webcam, microfon and Wacoom tablet.

      Slides are imported into Lecturnity. He presents the PPT slides live in the classroom, records with webcam and micro and writes annotations on the tablet right into the presentation.

      After the session he creates out of this a flash file where you can see the slides including annotations, an overview of the slides, a search for find key words in the presentation, the video of him and you can hear his voice.


      I saw some sales videos of Adobe Presenter but I didn't find an answer if Presenter is able to support all this. And the Adobe Sales Team wasn't able to help and told me I should try in this forum.


      Thanks and best regards


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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Adobe Presenter should be able to do this. Though, to be fair, Adobe Presenter Video Express (APVE) is probably the specific tool to do this. It comes with Presenter for Windows, but it can also be purchased separately. I personally would just by Presenter so you have the PPT plugin as well.


          APVE will capture your mic audio, webcam and screen at the same time and then allow you to do some basic editing around what people are seeing in the playback and zoom functionality. It sounds like that is what your client is needing.


          Here is a video about what it can do. This is an older video and shows the Mac version, but the PC version is the same in functionality, Adobe Presenter Video Express for MAC | New in Adobe Presenter 10 | Adobe TV


          And here is the product page, should you need it: Adobe Presenter Video Express 11

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            christianf9894378 Level 1


            Thank you very much for your answer. Still I did not understand how it works exactly. I downloaded a test version and I think I do have the following options:


            1. use presenter, record voice and speaker. Then export with presenter as html5. But there I can see the slides, also I can jump to the different slides, I see information of the speaker, can hear him but there is only a foto, no video


            2. use presenter, record voice and speaker, after presentation I access the video express, can combine speaker and presentation video, export to file as mp4 or html5. But both are only video, there are no chapters where I can jump in. It looks nicer, but less features...


            Is there another option? What about upload as SCORM? There is only a reference to upload to Adobe prime but I do have another LMS...


            Would be great if you have any idea. Thanks a lot,


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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Since you have Presenter, to use APVE you need to click on the Record Video button:

              Adobe Presenter - Record Video - APVE.JPG


              That will luanch the tool that will record your screen/webcam/mic so you can capture your presentation and its markups.


              It will output it as an MP4 video, which you can either upload to your LMS (probaly no tracking information) or you cna use the Insert Video option in Presenter to embed the MP4 in a PPT slide.

              Adobe Presenter - Insert Video.JPG


              With your PPT deck ready to be published you can select the Manage Quiz button:

              Adobe Presenter - Manage Quiz.JPG


              Go to the Reporting Tab. Select Enable reporting for this presentation then select SCORM. Configure your SCORM settings as needed.

              Adobe Presenter - SCORM configuration.JPG


              Then Publish your presentation (I recommend you output as a Zip file) and upload the published presentation to your LMS.

              Adobe Presenter - Publish locally as zip.JPG

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                christianf9894378 Level 1

                Thank you! Tested now, but I am not able to setup in the SCORM the recorded Screen, the slide overview on the side and above the video of the speaker. So I can use either the view without speaker-video or without the slide overview if I use the video Express and export as mp4... So unfortunately it cannot deliver the features of Lecturnity. :-(


                But thanks so much,