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    How do I make contact sheets with captions using Lightroom?

    Peter Weld

      For some years now I've been using a program called Image Buddy to make contact sheets on which every photo has a different caption. (They're individual photos of the students in a particular class at the university where I teach; the captions are the students' names.) Image Buddy had its quirks, but I was willing to put up with them because it did exactly what I needed it to do. Now that I've bought a new Macbook Pro with macOS Sierra on it, Image Buddy will no longer work, and I can't find any trace of KepMad Systems, the company that produced it.


      So I'm trying to figure out how to make contact sheets with Lightroom 6. I understand how to select the student photos I need, switch to the Print module, and choose the number of rows and columns that I need. So far, so good. But how do I assign each photo an individual caption that moves with the photo if I rearrange the photos? I don't want to use the students' names as the names of the photos, so the "File name" option under "Photo info" doesn't help me. "Date," "Equipment," "Exposure," and "Sequence" are also not what I want, and "Custom text" seems to assign the same customizable caption to every photo on the sheet. The remaining options are "Caption" and "Title." How do these differ, and how can I use them to put each student's name below his or her photo on the contact sheet?


      And one more question while I've got your attention: when I do print out a contact sheet with information below each photo—be it the date, the exposure, or something else—that caption seems to go mid-way between the photo above it and the photo below it. I want the caption to be closer to the photo above it than to the photo below it so that it's crystal clear which photo each caption belongs to. Any way to do that?


      Thanks in advance for any help anybody can give me.


      P. S. A Google search has led me to a program called ContactPage Pro 6 by Badia Software. It looks like it might do what I want to do, but it's US$60, and that's more than I feel like paying for such a specialized tool. (Image Buddy was US$19, as I recall.) Anybody have any other suggestions if I can't get Lightroom to do the job for me?