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    Hyperlinks crashing my InDesign?


      Hi All,


      Really appreciate any (urgent) help on this one. I'm running the latest version of InDesign CC 2017, and have happily set up a document of over 150 pages. The document contains approx 80-100 footnotes many or which contain URL and PDF download addresses, which once the document has been saved as a PDF, should enable the end-user (reader) to click through the hyperlink to land on a corresponding web page etc. The issue is that some of URLs in the InDesign doc. run on to 2-3 lines, which means the link is effectively broken, so the best way (only way I'm aware of) I am able to make them 'click-thru' links, once I export to PDF format is to use the hyperlinks panel in InDesign (which I've used many times over the years successfully) and then when exporting the doc as a PDF make sure I turn on interactive in the PDF export dialogue box before I save. I was wading through my 150 page doc. adding hyperlink boxes to where ever was required, but as I approached the final few pages, the hyperlinks dialogue box stopped working. Worse still, when I tried a re-start to try and open the hyperlinks panel, it just would not work. Ultimately my entire InDesign would not open at all. I managed to get a colleague to re-save the file on her machine, so that the InDesign doc. now does at least open again, but again when I try and open the hyperlink menu, to try and finalised the hyperlinks that need to be made active the document crashes?


      Any help on how to troubleshoot this, so that I can get hyperlinks working again with this document, and indeed get it to work on future publications I would be grateful. (I should mention I have never experienced this before with InDesign, and have been using the software for many years to set up reports and publications.