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    InDesign CS - Slow to open files (Windows)


      We have a single user with InDesign CS6 installed. The users workstation has the latest Adobe updates installed and there are no third party add-ons. The users workstation has an Intel i5 processor with 8GB RAM and is running on Windows 7 Pro 64bit. The users has reported a strange issue whereby .indd files can take 20-30 seconds to open. However on other occasions the same files will open in 2-3 seconds. These files are storage on a Windows 2012 file share. Thinking it could be network related we temporarily moved the .indd files to the users local hard disk but observed the same problem. This issue occurs with all .indd files no matter of the size. We have uninstalled/reinstalled InDesign and tried disabling features such as Pre-Flight checking but the problem remains. More recently we installed InDesign CS6 onto a new pc (similar spec as the one mentioned above) but this computer also suffered from the same slow opening issue. This issue seems to have developed in the last few months and there does not appear to be any obvious pattern to it.


      Anyone seen this issue before or have any suggestions on how to resolve this?