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    CC 2017 fixed layout export problem

    matthewdee Level 1

      I did a fixed layout export directly from InDesign when I look at the file in Ibooks the book looks fine, ( first screenshot) but when I look at it in ADE I see the second screenshot. When I check the file in EpubCheck 3.0 I get warnings about font not being decrypted. Any help here as I have an irate client.


      thx R





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          matthewdee Level 1

          Tried removing the fonts , same thing

          I tried other fixed layout I have done and they look fine, yet this book in question displays fine in Ibooks.



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            matthewdee Level 1

            Re explained here


            This is a new post which is part of an older one. I tried to delete the older ones but do not know how. I have an irate client who I need to re do an ePub file for.


            I exported a fixed layout epub  from InDesign 2017


            I have worked doing fixed layouts for a long time so it's not that I'm a newbie, with that said I was gettingg warning messages from certain pub checkers which are telling me that certain fonts in the book cannot be decrypted. I posted the warnings and could not get a straight answer. My concern was if its only a warning will the pub still pass validation?


            While I was waiting for an answer to that I got a message from the client that he was looking at the pub I sent him in Adobe Digital Editions and the text is gigantic. Never ever saw this before so I'm thinking that maybe it has something to do with the embedded fonts so , I went into the document fonts folder and deleted all fonts, reserved the pub and opened in ADE and I get the same gigantic font.


            The same pub looks perfect on my Ibooks on my iPad and Desktop.


            So then I went and opened three older fixed layout pubs I had done months ago ( totally different projects ) and all of this e display fine.


            I'm stumped.


            Last thing I can think of is all the other fixed layouts were compiled from .indd files


            THIS file with the problem is being compiled by an .indb file


            Could that be the problem ??????


            Can anybody point me in the right direction here as I could lose my job over this, I'm in big trouble unless I find out what is causing this.


            I posted in the INDesign EPub forum and will have to repost this there as well.


            anybody ??????