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    Indesign CS6 prints half of each page

    cuelliam Level 1

      I've been using inDesign since the beginning and have never before encountered this problem. I have an a simple indesign text document which I need to proofread. Pages are 6x9 and I'd like to print 2 pages on each 8.5x11 sheet. Ideally that would be in printer spreads, but I'm willing to accept just reader spreads.


      I've worked for the last 6 hours, trying every single thing I can think of: including creating a new document from scratch with placeholder text, printing from a pdf of the document, updating ppd, resetting the printer, restarting computer, using a different computer, setting up a new printer, spreadson/spreads off, booklet/no booklet, and every configuration of the print dialog box that I know, and I cannot get it to print correctly. The preview in the print dialog box looks good, but doesn't represent what comes out of the printer.


      I get either 4 pages per sheet or a single page with exactly half the first page beside half of the second page.


      I've attached the print summary for my latest test, as well as a screenshot illustrating what comes out of the printer. I'm pretty sure I've done everything possible, but is there anything I could have missed?

      Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.14.24 AM.png



      Print Preset: [Custom]

      Printer: HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw (B9B98C)

      PPD: HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw

      PPD File: /var/folders/q6/n45tqnhx58z0s0_7509v8qzc0000gn/T//5845887484d31




          Copies: 1

          Collate: N/A

          Reverse Order: Off

          Pages: All

          Sequence: All Pages

          Spreads: Off

          Print Master Pages: Off

          Print Layers: Visible & Printable Layers

          Print Non-printing Objects: Off

          Print Blank Pages: Off

          Print Visible Guides and Baseline Grids: Off




          Paper Size: US Letter

          Paper Width: 8.5 in

          Paper Height: 11 in

          Page Orientation: Landscape

          Paper Offset: N/A

          Paper Gap: N/A

          Transverse: N/A

          Scaling: Scale To Fit

          Constrain Proportions: N/A

          Page Position: Centered

          Thumbnails: Off

          Tiling: Off



      Marks and Bleed

          Crop Marks: Off

          Bleed Marks: Off

          Registration Marks: Off

          Color Bars: Off

          Page Information: Off

          Printer Mark Type: Default

          Crop Mark Weight: 0.25 pt

          Mark Offset from Page: 0.0833 in

          Use Document Bleed Settings: On

          Bleed Top: 0 in

          Bleed Bottom: 0 in

          Bleed Inside: 0 in

          Bleed Outside: 0 in

          Include Slug Area: Off




          Color: Composite RGB

          Text As Black: Off

          Trapping: N/A

          Flip: None

          Negative: N/A

          Screening: Default

          Simulate Overprint: Off




          Send Data: Optimized Subsampling

          Download: Complete

          Download PPD Fonts: On

          PostScript®: Level 3

          Data Format: ASCII



      Color Management

          Document Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

          Color Handling: Let InDesign Determine Colors

          Printer Profile: Document RGB - sRGB IEC61966-2.1

          Preserve RGB Numbers: Off

          Proof Profile: N/A

          Simulate Paper Color: N/A




          Print &as Bitmap: N/A

          Bitmap Resolution: N/A

          OPI Image Replacement: Off

          EPS: Off

          PDF: Off

          Bitmap Images: Off

          Transparency Flattener Preset: [Medium Resolution]

          Ignore Spread Overrides: Off