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    "The file cannot be opened by Lightroom"

    Grafenauer Level 1

      All applications are up to date, I regularly import, process and export photos but every now and again (today for example) one image from a folder will display the above noted message.  All other images in the folder are fine.  My only workaround is to get the image again from a backup but re-importing it is a pain because it already exists in the catalogue.


      This is a bit of a pain...is there an explanation?  A better way to "fix" it?



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          dj_paige Level 9

          If you are getting this error repeatedly, it is because something is corrupting the file, and if I were you, I'd run some diagnostic checks on your hard disk(s).


          To fix the problem, in your operating system, copy the backup (which should be uncorrupted) to the folder where the original was located. No importing is necessary, in fact, importing is the wrong thing to do, and does not really fix the problem.