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    Linking issue within PDF?

    Robert Mount

      Hello, can anyone help me with my linking issue within an iPDF created using InDesign CC?


      Problem as follows;

      • I have approx. 200 documents with a mix of Word and PDF documents to submit to a customer and would like to add an iPDF menu linking to all the files.
      • I’ve set the iPDF menu to open in full screen mode and looks great !
      • I’ve managed to edit the links within the PDF to open the Words docs in own window/application - great..
      • I can link to PDF files that will open in its own window but unfortunately it goes full screen??. I think in need some JavaScript to add the iPDF menu doc making all links open in a non-full screen window.
      • In a nut shell I would like a full screen iPDF menu in the background and all the word and pdf links open its own window not in full screen allowing them to close when finished returning to main menu..