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    Control Panel - Typing problem

    PatriciaGagnon Level 1

      When using InDesign, selecting multi-paragraph, I usually go into the control panel to make changes (here, space after). I can use the arrow (increase or decrease of .0125 in only). But, if I want to go very precise, I usually just type the number I want.


      THE PROBLEM: What's happening not, is that it change the selected text (instead of changing the space after) to the number I just typed. I don't understand why it does that because my keyboard is in the space after space. I've been doing this for a long time before ...


      It seems that when only one paragraph is selected, it's working fine. But I don't have time for this!


      I got InDesign CC2017 and got the problem since I did the update.


      Please help, it really bother me.