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    Feature request: allow to select external media for output files on Android

    ConsumerDV Level 1

      I have an Android 4.4.2 phone, and Clip runs on it - yay! But The phone has very little available internal memory, so I am trying to move apps and their data to external memory card. Sadly, Adobe Clip does not allow to choose location for output file, so I have to manually copy the rendered file from /Adobe Clip/Clip Export, which is located on local storage, to the memory card. This is ok for bite-sized short projects, but gets in the way of creating longer videos because there is no space on internal storage to render them.


      Please, allow choosing type of storage (internal, external) or better yet, a specific directory where to output the rendered file.


      There are other apps that can render to external media, but I like using Clip - it is fun and has pretty much all the tools I need!