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    CFlogin Issues

    siriiven Level 1

      So I am using application.cfc and I have had the same loginform/application.cfc setup for many sites. A new site was created for me recently and for some reason I cannot get the cflogin to work correctly.


      It bounces me to the loginform.cfm if I am not logged in, when I log in and submit the form I see the index.cfm but it does not look like the cflogin worked. I see an empty string for getauthuser(). From the index page if I click on any link I get redirected to loginform.cfm again and still the getauthuser() is an empty string. I have tried to dump cflogin.user and it is never defined.


      Has this ever happened to anyone before? Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Could this be an issue with how the site is set up?


      I also moved another working site into this directory and the login does the same thing where it works fine in it's original directory.


      Any ideas or info is appreciated.