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    Allowing users to type in drop-down list


      I am creating a survey using Adobe DC. One of the questions is asking users regarding their country of origin. As of now, I have a drop down box with 212 selectable countries. Each one of these countries corresponds to a code which automatically fills itself in a different box when a country is selected.


      Currently, users are able to scroll through the options and select the country of their choice. They are also able to type in the first letter, and will automatically be brought to the first country in the list with the second letter highest in the alphabet (example: if the user types in C, they are brought to the list of C countries, beginning with Cambodia).


      I would like to see if it is possible to get the dropdown box to allow users to type in the country name, and the dropdown box refreshes itself to offers users countries that match what they type. For example the users types 'C', and all C countries appear first in the drop down box (this already happens.) Ideally the user would be able to type A after that, and the dropdown box would narrow down the selections to Cambodia, Canada, Cameroon, Cape Verde . Right now, if the user types in A after C, the drop down box brings the user to the top of the list with the countries that start with A.


      Is this possible to fix? Thanks.