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    Scrolling a list without triggering TouchStart or TouchEnd

    g.bollmann Level 1

      I've created a Panel much like a JQuery Mobile Panel. The problem:


      The scroll is allowed, but each finger strike of the scroll triggers a selection of the list upon touchstart or touchend.


      Can I use touchMove to scroll the parent, and touchEnd to select the child? If so, how do you specify that?! Any ideas for a fix?

      At present I have only touchEnd as the event. The Symbol is set to scroll. Touch scrolling creates choppy reactions in the main area.



      Thanks in advance


      Target devices:

      Touch - smartphones & tablets


      JQuery Mobile panels have a default width that I have no idea out to change. JQM website says altering the panel width is very complex. My panel needs 2 widths: a full reveal and a slim reveal that exposes the list-icons only.



      P.S. I tried adding Fastclick.js as below, but without result... Have I done it right?


      1. add fastclick.min.js into the scripts panel  (I minified it online with uglifyJS2)
      2. changed all my events from touchend to click
      3. in Stage Creation Complete:


      $(function() {