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    Selecting an unanchored frame



      I have a few old documents (~150) that are having issues. When opening these documents one graphic file cannot be found. I know this file was not checked into our source control system, therefore it's missing.

      I can see the name of the missing file, for the moment I skip the dialog and continue.

      I don't have the file (since it was not checked in) so I want to delete it from the document and insert a new one.

      If I run a LOR/Imported Graphics I see file is located on page 42. If I navigate to that page I don't see the expected gray box to indicate the missing file.

      I run the script below and I get that the file is located in an unanchored frame, that I cannot see.



      Is there a way to select either the graphic or the unanchored frame in order to delete it? Thanks for any ideas...


      var oDoc, oGraphic, oFrame;
      oDoc = app.ActiveDoc;
      oGraphic = oDoc.FirstGraphicInDoc;
          //good to go
           while (oGraphic.ObjectValid()) {
               if (oGraphic.type == Constants.FO_Inset){
                   oFrame = oGraphic.FrameParent;
                   alert(oGraphic.InsetFile + "\n" + oFrame.constructor.name);
               oGraphic = oGraphic.NextGraphicInDoc;