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    Lightroom 6 installing $79 upgrade issues


      I'm trying to upgrade from LR5 to 6 and have had issues on my big PC desktop computer. Installation worked easily on my laptop PC, no problems. Now I get Click "Import" button message when I try to open LR6. Is this the "import" on file drop-down menu? And what do I import, just Lightroom folder in my pictures, or do I have to import my entire "Pictures" folder containing all my photos? This is massive and would take a very long time. I started with LR2, which is the catalogue that comes up if I go back and open LR5, even though LR5 is the program that that comes up at that time. What steps do I take, what do I import, or would it be better to remove all signs of LR6 and re-import? Issue started when I tried to update LR6 after installing to get "raw" access for my new Nikon D500. Hope you can help!