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    Can't Do HD Quality


      Hello. Recently I found a disc for Adobe premiere Elements 10. I Was Using windows movie maker, so I was excited for an upgrade. I installed it and gave it a test run. I was trying to make a 1080p HD Video, But when I put in the video I wanted to edit, It did not show up in the preview box at the top left, just an empty gray box. When I click on the preview box, the current frame of the video shows up, but when I play it, the video does not move. The audio still moves and plays, but the video Is stuck on 1 single frame. I tried all the different project settings/presets for a different HD one that works, but none did. I even tried lowering the resolution to 720p but that didn't work either. It only works with video presets that are non HD (ex: 480p). I also tried one that worked in non-HD and changed the actual preset file to HD quality, but that gave the same error. At this point I'm convinced It's a problem with the software and how it handles HD quality (Please Tell Me If I'm Wrong). I was wondering If there was some sort of hotfix I can download or way to fix it to let it playback HD videos. When I export the test video to a file, It works perfectly fine. It just doesn't show in the program's Preview box.


      I Use A PC With Windows 10.


      My Graphics Drivers Are Up To Date.



      Thank You

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          I started with version 9 and it was not supposed to work with HD 1080p60 or AVCHD video.  I found some "workarounds" and got by.  Memory suggests that it was not until version 11 that AVCHD 2 was officially supported that included 1080p60.  AVDHD 1 only included 1080i, not 1080p.


          Again from memory, I think my favorite project setting in version 9 and 10 was listed under DSLR and was for 1920x1080p30.  At output there was an "advanced" choice to make a preset for p60.


          Premier Elements is now on version 15 and it would be rare if you had any trouble with 1080p on either a Mac or PC. 

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Version 10 is a pretty old program, pigglet. The world of video technology has come a long way since 2011. If you're going to work in hi-def and progressive frame video you really ought to consider a more recent version of the program.


            It's actually kind of unfair to use a 5 year old version of a program and then complain that it's not state of the art.

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              oldevhs Level 1

              I have been using PE 10 with Win 7 for many years and have had no problems creating HD BluRay or AVCHD discs.

              I have no problem playing discs (either format) on PCs (Win 7 & XP) or on numerous BluRay/TV players


              What has not been asked yet is what is the source of your video and is the source video indeed HD.  I am currently using an Sony HD camcorder (HDRCX440) which records to a microSD card.


              The project/capture settings I use are

              project settings.jpg


              Output settings for BluRay

              output setting BluRay.jpg


              Output settings for AVCHD

              output setting AVCHD.jpg