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    Indesign 2017 crashing and other bugs

    gerber914 Level 1

      I updated and regret it. Indesign crashes now every time I try to package a file for output, which i need to do a lot. Strangely, sometimes the keyboard command for "Close file" Command-W also does not work sometimes. Other bugs as well, will update as i encounter.


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          Monica Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi Peter,

          Thanks for writing.

          I have to investigate this issue further. So please share the following details:

          1. Is the file you are working with is on network location?
          2. Steps to reproduce this issue
          3. A sample file with which you are facing the issue
          4. A screen recording showing the problem you are facing, would be really great.


          You can share with me at monsingh@adobe.com

          Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in Advance



          Monica Singh

          InDesign Team

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            gerber914 Level 1

            Hi Monica,

            Thank you.


            Yes, the file I am working on is on our file server. The issue seems to stop if I copy the file to the desktop then package it. But this did not happen with previous version of Indesign and nothing has changed on our file server.


            Steps to reproduce are my opening any file and trying to package.


            I cannot supply a file, these are work files.


            It seems the issue is trying to package files over the network...

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              Vince at alive Canada

              Since you're working from a server, are you also using a font management server (with a client on your local machine) such as Extensis Universal Type Server / Client? Prior to upgrading to CC2017, I was having a lot of crashing issues with no specific cause. After upgrading to macOS Sierra (10.12.1) and CC2017, I was finding InDesign to be infinitely more stable, with absolutely zero crashes over the course of a few weeks (also, the Type server/client wasn't auto-activating fonts as the version of Universal Type Client wasn't compatible with CC2017 yet).


              As soon as we updated the Universal Type Server to be compatible with CC2017, and I'm finding that it will crash several times over the course of the day.

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                Monica Singh Adobe Employee

                Thanks, Peter! for providing details.



                Monica Singh

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                  gerber914 Level 1

                  I'm circling back on this... I have been troubleshooting this for days with internal IT and our external Mac support vendor. We have looked into virtually everything; Suitcase, network latency, fonts, OS version, preference files, user accounts, etc. Nothing we do stops the latest version of Indesign CC 2017 from crashing when packaging a file.


                  Just as a test I re-installed Indesign CC 2015, and it does not crash when i package the same files that cause a crash in 2017, works fine. BUT I have been working in 2017 for weeks now and hundreds of files are now in the 2017 format, which I cannot open in 2015. Yes I can open them all in 2017 and save them down but that is ridiculous. So, I'm pretty frustrated to have once again updated to the latest version of an Adobe product, only to have it create a giant headache for me and problems in my professional workflow. 

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                    typographerA-Z Level 1

                    I've just updated to InDesign 2017.  I've noticed that when highlighting a paragraph (or even placing my cursor within the paragraph) and trying to change the paragraph/secondary leading to a new number, it replaces the highlighted text with the new figure instead of modifying the secondary leading.  Anybody else experience this?

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                      Monica Singh Adobe Employee



                      i have tried at my end with various possible scenarios, but unable to reproduce the issue.

                      If not document, Can you please share with me a video showing the issue..


                      This would be really helpful.



                      Monica Singh

                      InDesign Team

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                        Monica Singh Adobe Employee

                        Thanks for your valuable Inputs Vince!!


                        When, I am looking into the issue with universal Type server. It would be great if you can share the detailed steps or a video which could help us reproduce the issue at our end



                        Monica Singh

                        InDesign Team