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    Need signature by another person on a digital signed PDF



      I am in Australia and I need a signature on a form from someone in Canada.

      I have time restrictions so I have asked the person to sign electronically but for some reason they are unable to.


      The PDF that I sent includes notes I have added plus my own digital signature.

      Could the issue be that I have already signed the document and so my colleague in Canada is not able to add her signature after I have already added my own?


      I tried the 'send or collect signatures' tab but the document is too large so I was not able to use this function.


      Would it be best if I send the document WITHOUT my signature added? Would that make any difference?


      My colleague has scanned in her signature and saved it as both a PDF and a JPG but for some reason is not able to add the scanned image as her digital signature.


      Anyone have a suggestion please?!


      Thanks in advance :-)