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    Adding Pages at End & Text Flow

    MIDI Guru

      I have a file containing a complete novel layout. Because I increased the leading and widened the margins, the last few pages ran past the end of the last page I had defined. I know how to add pages at the end, and I'm reading the instructions on how to thread the text from the former last page to the next page that now follows it. However, when I follow these instructions, I get a narrower text box _within_ the primary text frame on the new page. And this narrower box is not adjustable.


      I'm baffled. The screen grab below shows what it looks like. The internal box should not be there. I've attempted to follow the instructions. I click on the red + at the end of the previous page, so the cursor turns to a text flow thingie. I then click in the text frame on the next page. But then InDesign insists on creating a new box, and I don't know why.


      Edit: Okay, I got it. It's a matter of positioning the cursor very, very precisely. (And holding the Shift key, of course.) Never mind.



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          Monica Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi James,


          I have tried to reproduce this issue at my end, but unable to reproduce it.

          Can you please help me with more details so that I can investigate it further.


          Please update me with following information:

          1. Can you send me the exact steps to reproduce the issue
          2. Some sample file with which you are facing the issue
          3. A screen recording showing the problems you are facing.


          Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in Advance


          Monica Singh

          InDesign Team

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            winterm Level 5

            Primary text frames (on master pages) are still confusing you. Get rid of them! You don't need it.

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              MIDI Guru Level 1

              I'll see if I can get to get to it later today, Monica. I'm pretty sure what was happening was this: I was following the instructions I found by using the Help and Search functions, but because I'm new to InDesign, I didn't understand that I needed to click at the very upper left corner, at the point where the text flow cursor's arrow turns white. I was in the upper left corner of the main text box, but I was clicking a little too low. That caused InDesign to think I wanted to create a new text box _within_ the primary text box on the new page.


              winterm: Thanks for the suggestion, but at the moment I have a complete novel manuscript in InDesign, with drop caps, chapter head styling, running heads, finely adjusted leading, and so forth. I'm not going to start over!

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                winterm Level 5

                MIDI Guru wrote:


                I'm not going to start over!

                You absolutely do not have to!

                Simply go to master pages and delete those 'primary' text frames you intended to use for body text (?). At any time. They are useless. Nothing will change in your layout. Just because... they are useless

                Sure, You can leave it as it is, then do not say you're tired of clicking in wrong places