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    NOOK download issues


      1. When I download a new book onto the NOOK, the message is always that there is a download in progress, do I wish to continue? I answer yes and can then proceed to my NEW download.  What can I do to stop this message which just recently began?

      2.  Currently am unable to download any book from my free library to the NOOK. Error message says Error on Network request. Please check your network and try again.

      Network Path https://acs.cdn.overdrive.com/ACSStore1/0439-1/4DE/3A5/16(4DE3A516-E825-48EO-A71=D6515BE94 F88)Fmt410.epub

      Error #2038


      My network is working just fine. I can use the internet and am able to download the book to my MacBook Air5.2 using MACOSX Lion 10.7.5 but cannot then get the book onto the NOOK.  Neither internet provider or Free Library of Phila seem to have any ideas.

      Anyone have suggestions on what to do?    Thanks!