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    fixing border and text

    glndi Level 1
      I purchased a Flash gallery script and tweeked it to my specifications. There are two things however that my limited AS can't fix (apparently neither can the coder from whom I purchased it).

      Initially the preview border (the large image) had rounded corners. Per my request, the coder changed it to squared corners but in doing so there is now a triangle of red forming along the lower left border. This only happens on some picture selections. I'd like that eliminated.

      Secondly, there are three text selections. Only two are showing up. The description text, which should appear below the title over the preview image, is not showing.

      My final question deals with understanding the imagery. Will the images I use for the preview automatically resize to the given size of the preview container? I notice they appear somewhat blurred and wonder if it's because they are resizing to a larger image?

      Here's the site.

      Here's the code. Sorry, I included all of it since I'm unsure of what you need to see.

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          glndi Level 1
          Sorry about the posting. Why did it come up in such a wide format? How can I fix it?

          I need this to be read and hopefully answered?!!!
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            that's not your fault. that's just what this forum does with attached code: it doesn't use word wrapping on code.

            (and it's not too likely that anyone will volunteer to read all that code and help with your problem. you should really go back to the original author or hire someone to fix the problem.)
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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              kGlad is right, nobody's likely to go thru all of that code, but in a glance, I'll offer the following thing to try (though I haven't gone thru the detail code to see if I'm off target)...

              create a button, add it to the stage, and give it an instance name of btn1

              In the code you showed, include the following way at the end after the last ' } '

              btn1.onRelease = function () {

              and for the code that's there now, change the following function as shown here... adding the btn1 line before it.

              btn1._visible = false;
              xml.onLoad = function(ok)

              // if (ok) create_gallery();

              if (ok) btn1._visible = true;

              those two slashes are essentially commenting out the code so that line of code won't do anything. Now, instead of that function making the gallery appear, it will make the button appear when the gallery is ready... the button will make the gallery appear.

              That should at least give you a start.