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    Scrolling trouble in library view

    Snowguy Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm looking this forum and others website since a few hours now and still dont find any answer... if someone have any info, don't hesitate


      I've installed LR 5 on my new PC and i cannot scroll in library view (gestures, with 2 fingers). Here is some détails :

      - Trackpad (gesture, 2 fingers up or down) work well in any others applications.

      - If i move the scroll bar with a click on it, it works.

      - 2 panels on each side (libray/collection and keywords/meta) work well with trackpad.

      - Only the preview in the middle dont scroll

      - Same reaction with touch-screen


      I've saw some scrolling trouble, but each one have somethig different. I don't have any Wacom connected. I don't have any "Synaptics" (so cannot modify Regedit), and so on...


      Regarding my system information :

      LR 5.7.1

      Win 10 Pro

      New Dell Precision

      4K Screen (negative !?)


      If you need anything else, dont hesitate to ask.

      If you need something special on Win10, please take it slow, my last system was XP and MacOS

      Sorry for my english who is not perfect...


      Best regards,