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    Phantom audio playing in AE when all tracks are muted


      I have a project in PP that is audio edited and ready to go, Just added some compositing effects in AE.  Things were fine, but today all the sudden one part of the audio is playing twice.  Ive tried EVERYTHING I can think of to fix this issue, deleted the cache and memory, deleted AE preferences in my library, relinking the original PP project, restarting my computer, exporting an audio (wav) only track and laying that down instead, lowering all the audio down to the lowest possible setting (even though theyre muted.), and still nothing works, I even updated to CC2017 and its still having the same issue.  The audio is not only in the ram preview, but also the export as well (I exported through media encoder), I even deleted out all the tracks and Im still hearing the messed up audio even though there is NOTHING IN THE COMP!  WHY?! Seems like a bug, but its very annoying that there is not really a work around for it, or that nothing can help it.  What can I do to fix this?


      * Note I have to send through, AE can not link into PP since the after effects comps are synced to a premiere pro project (i know obviously not ideal, but got the files from another person, would have liked to do the compositing in AE and link to PP but cant go back now.....)