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    Premiere Elements 12 won't open, troubleshooting didn't work

    Reptile Brain

      I have Premiere Elements 12 running on Windows 8.1. I OWN this product, it's not CC. Bought it a couple years ago, have used it for several projects, now it simply won't open. I tried the troubleshooting suggestions on the forum from 2014; removed a line below the #  ::1    localhost. Didn't help. Tried option 2, renaming SLStore, didn't help. After I renamed SLStore, I got a dialog box which had me put in the serial number of my program. (I registered it as soon as I installed it).  I did so and got the same error message from Windows; I don't remember the exact wording, I can't even get the error anymore, but it was something like Windows can't run this, we'll let you if we find a solution to the problem. Right now I can't even get the welcome screen.


      We recently moved and I have a new ISP, plus just installed a new video card, a GEForce 1050Ti. I suppose either or both of these things could be causing the problem, but I'm just really angry and frustrated right now. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give.