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    Error in Adobe Presenter 10


      When I insert a Drag Drop question in Adobe Presenter 10. There is a notice "An internal error occurred". Then I can't insert my Drag Drop question. Why is it? How to fix it?

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          E Rodrigues

          I just have the same issue, started recently after reinstalling Presenter 10.0, followed by updating it to 10.0.3 build 337, on my new computer (equiped with Windows 7 - with 64 bits version 6.1 with SP1).


          Before this recent reinstall, Presenter 10.0.3 was OK, And I was able to create and edit Drop And Drag questions without any issues on previous Windows 7 (SP1 but with 32 bits operating system)


          Also, from the FAQ session of Presenter 11, I have noted that apparently Drag and Drop quiz type are not supported, but in Presenter 10, the affected version of this post, this type of quiz is supposed to work properly as I have used before.


          Any help to solve this would be very appreciated :-)