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    Adobe Sketch on iPad Pro - What was the default DPI before all these format choices were added?


      I've been working on a project (children's book) in Adobe Sketch on iPad Pro, which is connected to my CC (Photoshop) account. I had scanned in images at high 300+ DPI and brought them into Adobe sketch to touch them up, add backgrounds, etc using apple pencil.


      After a recent app update, I'm now seeing that you can choose from a number of different formats when starting a new drawing ("+" button in lower left of a project). Options are split into two main categories - Digital Illustration and Print - each with a range of different layouts and resolutions. My project is for print, and it's great that DPI is listed for some, but I'm wondering what I've been working with up to this point. In other words, what was the default format and DPI I had ben working in until this new option was added? Since it's all part of the same project, I wouldn't want to finalize and send off to the printer only to find out there are huge inconsistencies in the DPI and resolution of each page of the project. Needs to be at least 300 DPI, and I'm not sure how that converts to the px listed for digital illustration (if that's what I've been unknowingly working with to date).


      Another way to get to an answer would be to check the format of my existing pages. Not sure how to do that either.


      I haven't been able to find any support documentation explaining this feature, but I'm admittedly new to this. If anyone has any insight, it would be a big help.